English Form For Personalities of Sub-Continent

The Subcontinental Literal Revival Center (MAAB) is devoted to spreading the conditions and remainders of Shia personalities belonging to the subcontinent. The completion of this form is a link in the same chain. Fill out the form for personalities belonging to the following topics.

Note: The minimum information intended from this form. If anyone has more important information other than, including memorable trips, memorable event debates, meetings with important personalities, etc., more pages can be attached to make the form more perfect. Those who have converted to the Shia religion themselves or their forefathers must write down the reasons for conversion. (There are two parts of the form, one about which person the form is being filled out? And other form filler’s data)

 Personal Information of Personality

 Educational Information of Personality

 Short life Biography of the Personality

  Form filler data. The form of the said Alive or dead Person or the Person filling the form himself should also write his data here so that the information can be authentic.

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